Fort Inevitable


​A bastion of law in a lawless region. Fort Inevitable is a small city mercilessly ruled by an order of Hellknights who have dedicated themselves to defending the town and Crusader’s Road from bandits, monsters, and other dangers. Fort Inevitable is one of the few locations in the River Kingdoms to permit slavery, and many crimes are punishable by a length of forced servitude. However, while the Hellknights permit slavery, they do not condone the abuse of slaves.

Most of the inhabitants are fine with their overlords, focusing their energy on farming and equipping the assorted crusaders heading north to the Worldwound. Those who can stay out of the way of the Hellknights are happy for the security they provide. However, not all residents are content with the Hellknights’ rule, and there are rumours of a resistance movement gaining in numbers.

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Fort Inevitable

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